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What is the Language Patches project ?

The "Language Patches" project allows players to translate Kerbal Space Program, using patches.

These patches are really useful if you don't like, or if you can't speak English.

You can start a patch in your language, because this project is a community project.

More details here

The patches are all totally free.

They all use ModuleManager

Framework LanguagePatches


Patch Français - French Patch

Bêta v4.1

Deutsch Übersetzung - German Patch


Parche Español - Spanish Patch


Polskie Tłumaczenie

 Alpha 0.9

Русский перевод - Russian Patch

Alpha v0.2


KSP 0.25

KSP 0.90

Tradução em Português (Brasil)

Brazilian Portuguese Patch


Traduzione italiano - Italian Patch

Alpha v1.1

Práce na české jazykové

verzi pro KSP zahájena!

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Chinese Patch


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