Language Patches - Licence Agreement
All the users of our patches, or the developers managing patches and linked to the Language Patches project must respect the following licence.
  1. Usage and Copying
  2. The Users are not authorized to modify the patches, because the patches are the properties of the Language Patches project managers and developers.
    The modification is just authorized for a personal usage. The publication of these patches — not modified — is permitted insofar as the name of the authors is mentioned.
    Modifying the patch — and publishing it — is just permitted to the developers linked to the project.
  3. Participation
  4. Everybody can purpose himself for the project development. The proposals will be not obligatory kept, the following points need to be respected:
    1. The proposed patch must not already be developed by someone else.
    2. The patch needs to include a valid licence, like this one.
    3. The patch must be a *zip archive, containing the licence (see above), the patch files correctly classified, a readme.txt file with an installation guide, a changelog and a bugtracker link (for beta versions at least)
    4. The readme.txt file needs to contain a link to this page, and it needs to credit "ialdabaoth", the ModuleManager creator (if the patch contains ModuleManager. See below)
  5. ModuleManager
  6. The licence of ModuleManager.dll, generally included in our patches, needs to be respected: This licence is a CC share-alike licence, but "ialdabaoth", the ModuleManager creator, mentioned:
    1. You credit me as the original creator that your code is based on.
    2. You make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that your code is not the original ModuleManager, and that any problems that people have with your fork should be taken up with YOU, not me.
    Respecting his licence, the patches:
    1. Not include — the code of the — original ModuleManager.
    2. include the ModuleManager.dll file, which was created by "ialdabaoth", and now maintained by "sarbian".